With the removal of property as a voting qualification

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Reading Questions For Chapter 10

Property and Democracy (P357)

1. What led . the removal of properly qualifications for voting in most states, and how is that a 'reflection of the era, indeidualism, Limits of Elemocre,Racial Democracy (360.62)

2. With the removal of property as a voting qualification, explain the argument for voting restrictions for women and African-Americans. Wren .n BUM, 13. the Democratic Party (377)

3. How does the formation and pat. of Marlin Van Buren, Democratic Party differ from the politics of .e founders generation, The Election of 18213 (377-370)

4. Explain the reasons why people supported and opposed Andrew Jackson in .e 1828 presidential election. (Please read the introdu.on of this chapter for more information to answer this question.) The Age of Jackson-P. tics and 51 gratify (27g-382)

5 How lid Jackson and the Democratic Party, policies differ from the Whig Party) (this answer must be detailed and should be no shorter than page)


Reference no: EM131304112

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