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Wireless LAN Designs

Describe the wireless solution you would recommend for EACH of the following three organizations, and give the rationale for your decision using at least three criteria for that choice. There could be a combination of these options for an individual organization.

General Hospital - GH has five floors, each about 30,000 square feet in size for a total of 150,000 square feet. They want to provide a wireless overlay network in addition to their 100Mb switched wired network. They have a bid for 802.11g access points at a cost of $100 each and a bid for 802.11n access points for $300 each. They expect to need 200 NICs. 802.11b NICs came built into their laptop and desktops. 802.11n NICs cost about $100 each. What would you recommend and WHY?

Central University - CU wants to add a wireless overlay network to one 20,000 square foot floor in its business school building. They have a bid for 802.11g access points at a cost of $100 each and a bid for 802.11n access points for $300 each. Students will buy their own computers, most of which will come with 802.11n NICs. What would you recommend, and WHY?

Ubiquitous Offices - UO provides temporary office space in cities around the country. They have a standard office layout that is a single floor with outside dimensions of 150 feet wide by 150 feet long. The interior is drywall offices. They have a switched 100Mb wired LAN but want to add WLAN as well. Data rates have been shown to slow dramatically when the distance from a laptop to the wireless access point exceeds 50 feet. How many access points would you recommend and where would they be placed? Draw the office and show where the access points would be located. Show coverage for each access point with a circle, and label the channels (1, 6, 11)

Reference no: EM131443590

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