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In"Wilson's War Message to Congress" the word "extraordinary" is repeated in order to communicate Wilson's opinion of the United States government. Make the message of war as concise as possible. Call attention to the greatness of the members of Congress. Emphasize the importance of the meeting and its special purpose.

Reference no: EM131058394

Culture and intercultural communications

You will be exploring various aspects of culture and intercultural communications. Your final assignment in this course will be to conduct an extensive oral history intervie

About challenging and aggressive behaviors

Directions pleae copy and paste question prior to answerin there are 3  questions Answer each question with three complete paragraphs per question Answer questions professio

Invent a new word that follows english rules of morphologhy

Invent a new word that follows the English rules of morphology and word formation, but is not currently in the dictionary. Explain why your word follows the morphological rule

Identify at least two supporting details per main point

Create an outline that includes details that support your thesis. Identify at least three main points and at least two supporting details per main point. My Thesis statement

How are the logos and fate related in stoicism

Explain the role hedonistic thinking played in the origins of Stoicism and How did Cynicism Influence Stoicism? Be specific and what is the relationship of Socrates to Cynicis

The internet plays an important role in modern life

The Internet plays an important role in modern life. There's no doubt that it has improved the quality of our lives in many ways. In other ways, however, it has had a negati

Describe hidetora and king lear as a tragic hero

My two characters are Hidetora and King Lear, you have to describe them as a tragic hero. Introduction should provide brief background information about two works you selected

Respondeat superior is a legal doctrine holding

An advance directive is a legal document that allows a patient to express his or hers wishes about end-of-life issues and treatment this is also known as aliving will. Roe v


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