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I have awarded you 8 points for your extra credit but you are not doing this correctly. You need to open the extra credit folder and pick an article.

1. Write one paragraph about what the proposed policy is about.

2.Write another paragraph about who is proposing the new policy.

a. Write about three paragraphs about whether the policy is financially feasible - can it be done with the money they will budget for the policy?

b. Will it be too expensive? is it politically feasible? Will people support it?

c. Will there be people who are against it? if so, who are these people and why will they be against it? and finally, can it be administered? Are there enough staff to get the job done?

d. Will there be too many differences from state to state?

YOU DO NOT NEED A TITLE PAGE you only need a References page.

Attachment:- new legislation proposed.rar

Reference no: EM131146336

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