Will the yeast cells or corn seedling have higher metabolic

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Will the yeast cells or the corn seedling have a higher metabolic rate when compared on a mass specific basis (in moles ATP / gram organism x hr)? [Here, it might be important to consider that we are actually comparing fully hydrated seeds to dry yeast.

Reference no: EM13155660

Find differences between cnidaria and platyhelminthes

one of the major differences between Cnidaria and Platyhelminthes is radial versus bilateral symmetry. Discuss the advantage of radial symmetry for sessile (attached) animal

Hypothesize that watching violent media

You hypothesize that watching violent media (e.g., movies, cartoons, news) desensitizes teenagers to violence. You want to design a study that examines whether viewing violent

What percent left handed

In humans the gene for right handedness is dominant to the gene for lefthandedness. A man and a women both heterzygous for this trait to marry. What percent of thier childre

Operon functions when trytophan

Describe how the lac operon functions when glucose levels are low and lactose levels are high. Describe how the lac operon functions when glucose levels are low and lactose le

Would the cells present have had to grow

Hamburger ground under the best condition often has a bacterial count of 1000-10,000 per g due to contamination. If your sample had 10^6 bacteria per g, could this number h

What is the diploid number of cell

Can you tell for sure whether this is anaphase of mitosis, or anaphase I of meiosis, or anaphase II of meiosis - what proportion of gametes would be expected - what is the dip

Explain potential unwanted effects of the treatment

A patient who has a diagnosis of lung cancer is scheduled to begin radiation treatment. The NP providing pretreatment education is explaining some of the potential unwanted

Which of the following immune system cells i

Which of the following immune system cells is the target of the human immunodeficiency virus?             a.  cytotoxic T cells             b.  neutrophils


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