Will the firm realize profit or loss and why
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- You are given the following curves that represent a firm operating in pure competitive industry:

1406_Firm operating in pure competitive industry.png

1. Label the above four curves?

2. Determine graphically the units produced when the firm maximizes its profits.

3. Will the firm realize profit or loss and why?

4. Will the firm continue to produce or shut down and why?

5. Determine graphically the firm''s profit or loss graphically.

6. Determine graphically the firm''s average fixed cost (AFC) when it maximizes its profit?

1326_Firm operating in pure competitive industry1.png

A) The firm should maintain output at 600 units, because at this output level, marginal revenue is greater than marginal cost, marginal cost is minimized, and price is the highest.

B) The firm should increase the level of output because at 600 units, marginal revenue is greater than marginal cost.

C) The firm should increase output because at 600 units price is above marginal cost.

D) The firm should increase the level of output until it reaches the minimum average cost.


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