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If a line has no y-intercept, what can you say about the line? What if a line has no x-intercept? Think of a real-life situation where a graph would have no x- or y-intercept. Will that always be true for that situation?

Reference no: EM131171657

Secure assets on wwtc network

1. Physical layer: Door locks, Smart card, HVAC, CCTV, Guards, Remote backup facilities and etc. 2. Roles of devices for ISO layer 2: Switches will be needed 3. Next layer is

Perpendicular to the tangent line

(a) Find the unit vectors that are parallel to the tangent line to the curve y = 8 sin x at the point (π/6, 4). (Enter your answer as a comma-separated list of vectors.) (b)

Information technology internal controls framework

COBIT is a widely adopted information technology internal controls framework. COBIT is distributed by ISACA. Access ISACA's Web site at http://www.isaca.org/Knowledge-Cente

Are there ways to protect your data on mobile devices

Can viruses attack cell phones? Is there any special software on the market to protect mobile devices from viruses? How much would it cost to equip 20 devices with virus pro

Determine the temperature drop during this process

Refrigerant-134a is throttled from the saturated liquid state at 700 kPa to a pressure of 160 kPa. Determine the temperature drop during this process and the final specific

Draw and label the four load and reaction forces

Draw and label the four load and reaction forces, using leaders and a text style based on the romans.shx font. Create another layer named Dimensions using the color cyan. Di

Two concepts - persistence and being stateless

5. The text mentions two concepts - persistence and being stateless. At first glance, the notion that computer systems do not usually remember where you have been or what you

Convert the phone number

Convert this sample phone number : 293-4223 a. Write the ASCII encoded equivalent: xx xx xx xx xx xx xxh b. Convert the phone number (not individual digits) in binary: xxxx


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