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1. Find an article about a quickly growing company that talks specifically about how they manage (d) to finance their growth. Comprise a link to the article as well as a summary in your own words

2. Presume you own your own business (pick an industry as well as business model that you find appealing) and presume that your business is growing at a nice rate. You are influenced that your business is accomplished of growing at a much faster rate, if only you had the money to finance this growth

2a) Tell us about your business as well as why it is growing at the nice rate it is

2b) Tell us if you would like your business to raise at the even faster rate you believe possible. Why?

2c) Whether you do like to or not, tell us what substitutes you would consider to make the faster growth happen. What would the pros as well as cons of each one be? Would they be worth it for you?

Reference no: EM135301

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As the textbook describes, a "master scheduling is the heart of production planning and control."  This planning in master scheduling drives every aspect of the company from


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