Why would the fourth amendment apply

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The Fourth Amendment speaks of "people" being secure in their "persons, houses, papers, and effects." Why would the Fourth amendment apply to a business, which is not in a "house"?

Reference no: EM13258198

Create differences in IQ scores

Discuss various factors that affect IQ scores or create differences in IQ scores among children, and then offer ideas for increasing children's IQ. Answer should be atleast 30

Analysis essays on river by mark twain

I am writing two analysis essays on Two ways to see a river by Mark Twain and Farenheit 59 What a child's fever might tell us about climate change by Audrey Shulman.

Explain how technology has affected costs

Explain how technology has affected costs (e.g., EHR, medical research, equipment improvements like MRI, mammography, etc.) and delivery of quality care (e.g., personalized

How will developmentally appropriate practice influence

How will developmentally appropriate practice influence your career as an early childhood professional? What are your goals and intentions with regard to incorporating devel

Different types of sediments

Discuss the distribution of seafloor sediments in the ocean basins. What are the different types of sediments and what are the factors that control their distribution (geolo

Identify and define the topic of choice

Identify and define the topic of choice and Conduct research to include relevant information on the topic (such as the purpose and importance of the hospital knowing this sp

Teaching to students'' right brains

Several teachers tell you that they are "teaching to students' right brains" by spending a lot of time on painting, map interpretation, geometry, and other highly visual and/o

How think leaders handled crisis in terms of communication

Discuss how you think leaders handled the crisis in terms of communication. What techniques were effective and why? What techniques did not work well? Why? Your initial po


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