Why the concept of relevant range is important

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1. Some firms assign mixed costs to either the fixed or variable cost categories without using any formal methodology to separate them. Explain how this practice can be defended.

2. Explain the difference between committed and discretionary fixed costs. Give examples of each.

3. Explain why the concept of relevant range is important when dealing with step\ costs.

Reference no: EM131342492

Compare and contrast the potential benefits

Compare and contrast the potential benefits of the domestic securities market to those investing in the foreign securities markets. Provide specific examples to support your

High-low calculations for breakeven

Select a corporation at that your organization may consider a competitor. Then, using the example of high-low calculations for breakeven, compute that organization's break-eve

Excess reserves in the financial system

Suppose there is $400 billion of currency in circulation in the economy outside the banking system, that depository institutions in the economy have $800 billion in checkable

Explain the company approach to internal controls

Discuss methods used to account for assets,liabilities,and shareholder equity,and explain how the company's inventory valuation method affects reported results. Explain the

Does it search behavioral neuroscience

How many periodicals are searched, and what other kinds of publications are considered? Does your database search the Journal of Abnormal Psychology? Does it search Behavior

What is the length of the firm operating cycle

Kurt's Enterprises has a receivables turnover rate of 11.8, a payables turnover rate of 12.4, and an inventory turnover rate of 15.6. What is the length of the firm's operat

What is the annual operating cash flow

A 12-year project is expected to generate annual sales of $294,798, variable costs of $37,508, and fixed costs of $59,154. The annual depreciation is $29,847 and the tax rat

How long do you have to stay in the house for the mortgage

Two mortgage options are available: a 30-year fixed-rate loan at 6% with no discount points, and a 30-year fixed-rate loan at 5.75% with 1 discount point. How long do you have


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