Why supervisors may resist delegating work

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Question: 1) A new restaurant is opening in your town soon. The jobs available include shift supervisors; doormen who greet the customers; dining room/kitchen assistants who bus tables and do dishes; cooks; kitchen food preparation helpers; waitpersons; and cashiers. Design a wage system that will be fair, keep turnover of employees to a minimum, and assist the company in meeting its objective of being moderately priced while making a profit.

Do you think that fair wages will act as a motivator for theemployees, andencourage them to stay around. Is money enough to motivate them?

2) Some poor performance, such as unsafe practices, sloppy work, or frequent absences, may be a symptom of alcohol or drug abuse on or off the job. These employees are more likely to quit and to cause accidents, are higher users of disability and sick benefits, and increase insurance costs. What action should the supervisor take if confronted with such employees? Discuss.

3) Mattie is a female employee, 22 years old. She has been absent several times during the past year. You talked to her three months ago and her attendance was good until the past four weeks. During that time she has been absent three Mondays, a Tuesday, and a Thursday. She brought an excuse from her doctor for the last two times, but you are suspicious the doctor is just helping her out. You also know she has two young children.

If you were her supervisor what would you do?

4) It is true that the performance of a new employee is the supervisor's responsibility, but it does not mean that he /she is responsible for doing the work that employees should do. Discuss some of the reasons why supervisors may resist delegating work.

5) On her first day on the job, Jenna's supervisor introduces her incorrectly to her co-workers, mispronouncing her name. For several weeks after that, Jenna's co-workers, intending to be friendly, pronounce her name incorrectly. Jenna goes along with it, not wanting to jeopardize her new relationships. Finally, feeling uncomfortable about the situation, Jenna approaches her supervisor about the mistake.
Is this a positive or negative conflict? Why?

6) Imagine you are a production supervisor at a hand-tool manufacturer such as Snap-on Tools. Your boss says, "I know you were looking forward to your trip to Hawaii next month, but we will be stepping up production and three new employees will be joining your group. I wish you would consider staying to make sure everything goes smoothly."
What is the nature of the conflict in this situation? In other words, what two goals are impossible for you to achieve at the same time?

7) What are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring family members? If you were a manager in one of the big 500 companies, would you be tempted to hire a family member with excellent qualifications?

8) Job description is on file at Acme Door Bell Company for an assembler in the final assembly department:

Duties include the final assembly of door bells to meet blueprint specifications, attaching all required wires, and performing the final test to assure each door bell operates according to the specifications. Assembler will be required to select the correct components, assemble components with nuts and bolts that are tightened with electrical wrenches, attach color-coded wires according to wiring schematics, and test units using an electrical testing fixture.

Discuss the type of technical training you would provide for a person filling this.

Reference no: EM132234197

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