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Assignment: Imagine that you are a newly hired HIM professional for a medium sized physician's practice. Many of the physicians would like to expand their electronic service offerings so that they can better serve rural patients. While many of the physicians are on board for the expansion there are several very vocal physicians who are reluctant to make the changes in their current healthcare delivery model.

Select one of the following types of healthcare technology: Tele-health, E-visits, E-health, m-health, Health Information exchange, connected health or Telepsychology and create a persuasive argument as to the benefits of this technology for patients and the practice.

Create a PowerPoint presentation.

• Presentation is 10-12 slides in length.

• Use of the speaker's notes area contains detailed information, while the slides appear uncluttered.

Your presentation should include:

• An overview including a detailed description of the healthcare technology and why this particular technology is a good business decision.

• An explanation of why the selected technology facilitates effective communication.

• A suggested timeline for implementation.

• One slide should be dedicated to a visual representation the workflow/communication process using your selected technology.

Reference no: EM132184699

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