Why not specify a goal for the monetary authorities

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1. Why not specify a goal for the monetary authorities that included both a price level and an unemployment target?

2. Should measures of in?ation include asset prices (e.g., stock prices and house prices), so that in?ation targeting would require the monetary authorities to act when asset prices rise dramatically?

3. At Christmas and Easter the public withdraws large amounts of cash from their ac- counts. What should central banks do during these periods to stabilize interest rates?

4. In a world in which electronic transfer of funds is becoming easier and the value of more and more people's assets is easier to ascertain, is the power of central banks doomed to decline? Is this worrisome?

Reference no: EM13887986

Does eve have a claim against alfred

Eve bought defective ball bearings from Saginaw Corp. Alfred was the sole shareholder of the company and also its landlord. After Alfred sold all Saginaw's assets, he withhe

Explain the rationale behind equal prices for unequal

Prepare a 2 page paper using APA format discussing Airline Ticket Prices.Explain the rationale behind equal prices for unequal distances in air travel using supply, demand, an

Moral hazard-decide whether the above policy benefits

"Moral Hazard" Please responds to the following: In 2020, a leading insurance company started a policy that pays a policy holder a five percent rebate on their insurance premi

Why is it important that prices are flexible in our economy

Why is it important that prices are flexible in our economy? Do you think the government should control the level of prices for products that are really important, ie. gasol

Suppose that the capital investment of alternative

Suppose that the capital investment of Alternative 1 is known with certainty. By how much would the estimate of capital investment for Alternative 2 have to vary so that the i

Describe the recent effects of financial globalization

What means can managers use to assess political risk? What do you think is the relative effectiveness of these different methods? At the time you are reading this, what coun

Does this event change demand-supply both or neither

Does this event change demand, supply, both, or neither? Does this event increase or decrease demand and/or supply? How does this change in demand and/or supply affect the equ

Is the production point feasible and efficient

At that pro- duction point, the opportunity cost of producing one additional bushel of wheat is 1.7 fewer bushels of corn. However, farmers have increasing opportunity cost


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