Why might these differences and similarities exist?

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Module Assessment: The module has three elements of assessment. Coursework Assignment

You are required to research the topic of Culture from the Organisational Behaviour area of study. In 1,000 words present 3-4 key theories that relate to this topic area and compare the different perspectives in terms of:

• What are the differences & similarities? 

• Why might these differences and similarities exist?

• Why is this information useful for individuals and their line managers?

• What can you conclude from your analysis?

You are being asked to display your knowledge and to analyse information in order to provide a reasoned opinion. This means that you will be expected to use a variety of sources for your information. These include practitioner literature and sources, "expert" information and academic texts and journals. An essay based solely on web based sources and opinions, is unlikely to achieve high marks. You are expected to reference correctly using the Harvard referencing system.

Hand in date for the essay is WIC Essay Length maximum of 1000 words.

Assessment Criteria:

• Introduction to the topic area of Culture Introduction to the assignment

• Review of relevant theories and perspectives on Culture Selection and review of literature & application of theory

• Referencing and Presentation Structure, flow and layout; Referencing

• Summary and Conclusions

Reference no: EM131345104

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