Why might husbands and wives mourn differently

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Question: You must write a total of at least 100 words for each scenario. There are 7 different scenarios. In other words, each row must include at least 100 words.

In addition, you must include one in-text citation for every single box. As always, the point of these charts is to provide scholarly-based answers. You must also include at least one in-text citation for each of the three questions following the chart.


Typical Grief Responses

Factors that might complicate bereavement (e.g., age, timing)

Signs of complicated bereavement

Protective factors






Death of child





Death of male spouse





Death of female spouse





Death of parent





Death of a friend





Death of pet





In 200-350 words, answer the following questions:

1) What key factors are shown to complicate the bereavement process? How do we know if someone's process is being stunted (e.g., symptoms)?

2) What are the factors associated with bereavement among elderly men? Why might husbands and wives mourn differently?

3) Select a cultural or religious view on death and dying. Describe the view from the culture or religion on death and/or dying.

Reference no: EM132233946

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