Why is the sodium balance so important

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Drinking too much water can be a bad thing. If someone sweats heavily and drinks lots of water, his or her sodium levels drop. The resulting "water intoxication" can be fatal. Why is the sodium balance so important?

Reference no: EM132280154

Define relationships between the afferent and efferent

Indicate the relationships between the afferent and efferent divisions of the peripheral nervous system, the somatic and autonomic nervous systems, and the sympathetic and p

Determine the probable genotypes of parents

Comb shape in chickens represents a classic example of gene interaction. 2-gene pairs interact to influence shape of the comb. The genes for rose com and pea comb together pro

Dideoxynucleotides for sanger chain-termination sequencing

A company advertises new cheaper types of dideoxynucleotides for Sanger chain-termination sequencing. What they sell are 2', 5'-dideoxynucleotides. Will these cheaper dideox

Describe how that organism was introduced

Describe the negative impact the organism is having on the natural world of your area. Finally, discuss what is being done to control this species and suggest what might hav

Genes working to promote normal eye development

You are a developmental biologist interested in understanding genes working to promote normal eye development. The first step for your research to move forward is to clone a

What type of thyroid disease does elena have

What type of thyroid disease does Elena have? hypothyroidism, Why are Elena's TSH levels elevated, but free T4 levels in the normal range? Given Elena's lab results, what woul

Describe the formation of a cp air mass

1. Describe the formation of a cP air mass and then discuss the typical weather it produces and the changes it undergoes as it travels across the Great Lakes and moves south

Effects suggest about successional patterns

What do assembly rules and priority effects suggest about successional patterns and the composition of forests in rural (relatively undisturbed) and urban (relatively distur


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