Why is the critical path important to your project schedule

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1. One of the causes of project failure occurs when a project does not meet its scheduled deadline. What are some of the causes for schedule delay? How can project team members help maintain a project's schedule?

2. Why is the critical path important to your project schedule and how can your project team members help in this area?

Reference no: EM132234721

Scheduling methodologies

List at least three benefits that utilizing PM scheduling methodologies would bring to your company. Provide your opinion of how these could be applied to completing projects

Deals with performance evaluation and balanced scorecards

Access and read a scholarly article that deals with performance evaluation and/or balanced scorecards. Support or refute the article’s main points using the language, concepts

Emotional appeal is intended to evoke an emotional response

In advertising, an emotional appeal is intended to evoke an emotional response that will direct purchase behavior. Some products can easily be sold through an emotional appeal

Define what you think contract consideration means

Define what you think contract consideration means. Yes, there are three elements to consideration but rephrase the definition in another way? In a way that makes more practic

Definition of system to measure effectiveness of spc process

Company “Best Inc” manufactures hydraulic switching valves for the aerospace industry. This company has been the leader in the industry for the last 20 years. However, Competi

What benefit and risk factors would you consider

In what businesses would you expect project management to be the most important? Explain. Why are people skills critically important throughout all processes? How would you se

Name the quadrant in which the directional vector lies

Given the following information, develop a SPACE Matrix for the XYZ Corporation: FS = +2; ES = -6; CA = -2; IS = +4. Show the calculation of the x axis and the y axis. Name th

Explain at what point in the design phase assessment

Jack recently attended a one day instructor-led class that concluded with a written assessment. Throughout the day each lesson was reviewed, focusing on the main points presen


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