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Course Project: You need to do a thorough course project paper each week because you will use the Week 1 thru Week 6 course project work for your Final Project.


1. Please do not skip any assignments because you will need all course project work from Week 1 thru Week 6 for the Final Course Project. You will not be using Application 7 for the Final Course Project.

2.You should be working on revisions throughout the course. Please work on the recommended revisions from your instructor in content and writing each week. Do not wait until week 8 to do revisions. In grading your Final Project, the instructor will check to see that revisions have been done from original submissions.

Read the following scenario and put yourself in the shoes of this new adult educator:

You are a white male who has always wanted to teach adults and are very excited to have just accepted your first position as a family literacy instructor at the local community adult school. On your first day, you walk into your new classroom, which is filled with people, and dozens of expecting eyes are fixed on you. As you say hello and begin introducing yourself, you scan the room and realize that you have an extremely diverse group. Though most are women, they span ages from older teens to seniors. They also appear to be from all walks of life-some very informally dressed; some dressed in blue collar uniforms, and a few others in business attire. You also notice that the individuals present appear to represent many areas of the world, including Latin America, Asia, and Africa. You wonder if there are any English as a second language (ESL) learners in your class. Your mind is racing as you think of other ways in which your learners might also be diverse-r acially, socioeconomically, and religiously. "What an interesting group!" you think. "How am I going to be able to engage and reach everyone when there is only one of me?"

Based on this week's Learning Resources, specifically what you read in the course text about critical theory, postmodern, and feminist perspectives, address the following in 2-3 pages.

How would you approach working with such a diverse group of adult learners? Be specific.

What assumptions might you be holding on the first day of class that you need to be mindful of in order to be effective and respectful?

Why is it vital to challenge your assumptions and previous beliefs when interacting with or instructing people different than yourself?

Why is it essential to understand and critically examine issues related to race, class, and gender when working with adult learners?

What are some specific ways you would use critical theory, postmodern, and/or feminist perspectives to help you reach this group of learners?

In what ways has your understanding of these three theories informed your thinking as an adult learner and as an adult educator?

Be specific and provide concrete examples. Refer to this week's Learning Resources. Use required course materials to support what you are saying and cite in APA format. Include Optional Resources from the Resource Page or other resources that you have found on your own-as additional creditable sources to qualify for an A.

To earn a grade of A: Use creditable sources in addition to course videos and required readings and cite in APA format. Include additional resources and not just required resources. On the Resource Page each week: The Learning Resources are divided into three areas: Required Reading, Media, and Optional Resources (supplemental). Optional Resources (supplemental) count as additional resources.

The following Internet resources are unacceptable for citation purposes:

*Walden does not allow the following for graduate school. Please use a scholarly, professional, reliable source.

Cliff's Notes

Remember to use correct APA style for any citations in your work.

Note: This assignment is the fifth section of your Course Project: How Adults Learn. Refer to the Grading & Rubrics area to guide your work.

(Assignment total length: 2-3 pages)

Reference no: EM131229291

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