Why is glycine sometimes classified as a polar amino acid

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1. If protiens fold based upon energetics, why are chaperonesso common in nature?

2. Why is glycine sometimes classified as a polar amino acid, and sometimes classified as a non-polar amino acid?

Reference no: EM13528430

Addition of a specific gene

There are sixty one codons that each specify the addition of a specific gene there are no corresponding amino acid, however there are only about for anticodons how is that pos

Estimates is due to which type of bias in the fossil record

In plant communities today, leaf morphology is correlated with mean annual temperature, so paleobotanists use fossil leaf morphology to estimate the mean annual temperature

What is causing the blue pigment indigo to appear

In blue diaper syndrome, a baby's urine turns blue in the diapers following the administration of oral tryptophan. The baby's serum and urine levels of tryptophan are very l

What is the q10

Respiration rate at 10 degree Celsius is 10 mg/hr, and the rate at 20 degree Celsius is 20 mg/hr. What is the Q10? Given this Q10, what would the rate be at 30 degree Celsiu

What is the main difference between protists and bacteria

What is the main difference between protists and bacteria? Of the following, which kingdom contains the most diversity in terms of DNA sequences? During which geological era d

What types of studies are conduct by pharmaceutical company

What types of studies are conducted by pharmaceutical companies before new drugs can be released in the market? What is the technical term for a food that is rich in an essent

Green seedling in cucumber

You have just cloned a gene from cucumber that, when mutated, causes pale green instead of green seedling in cucumber. You want to clone out the orthologous gene (this means

Explain how the evolution of organelles-mitosis-ploidy

Explain how the evolution of organelles, mitosis, meiosis, ploidy, and muticellularity in the domain Eukarya can help us to organize the great diversity of cellular organizati


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