Why is cultural change so hard

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Why is Cultural Change So Hard?

Max Cutter is the envy of his fellow seniors at Stanfield Institute of Technology (SIT). He and his classmates all majored in business or technology disciplines that emphasized quality management. They all hope to begin careers soon as quality professionals, and Max just got a head start. In his very first interview, arranged by SIT's Career Center, Max was offered a job as quality manager for an old and well-established electric power company.

"I can't believe I got the job!" max shouted to his classmates. "I spent 10 minutes trying to convince the personnel manager that I could do the job in spite of my lack of experience. when I finally stopped rambling on, he said, 'We want to hire you because you have no experience, not in spite of the fact. We need someone with fresh idea who is not wedded to the status quo. Frankly, we need to make major changes, and sooner, the better. You will come in with no loyalties or biases.'"

They are going to expect you to make major cultural changes," said one of Max's classmates. " Do you think you're up to it? I remember studying the issue in class. Cultural change comes hard, if it comes t all."

"You've got a point there," said Max. "It does concern me. Why is cultural change so hard? I don't know why people can't just get with the program."


What about this question? Why is cultural change so hard?

What is your opinion?

Reference no: EM131429323

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