Why is adiabatic demagnetization done adiabatically

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1. Why is adiabatic demagnetization done adiabatically? (That is, why is the sample removed from the helium bath first?)

2. Two nuclear states have magnetic moments that differ by one nuclear magneton. When B = 0.1 tesla, the populations of the two levels are in the ratio 1 : 2. What is the temperature?

Reference no: EM131360995

Discuss reasons for this malfunction

When the robot was operated the engineer noticed an erratic and unstable behavior at the repaired joint. Discuss reasons for this malfunction and suggest a way to correct th

Find the final condition of steam

Steam at 10bar and 0.95 dry flows at 130 m/sec in a pipe. It is throttled to 8 bar and the flow rate is 12 kg/sec. Assuming velocity in the pipe on the down stream side of t

Determine the largest axial load

The w 310 * 129 structural A -36 steel column has a length of 4 m. If it's bottom end is fixed supported while it's top is free determine the largest axial load it can support

Rotational kinetic energy of the smaller cylinder

Two uniform solid cylinders,each rotating about its central axis,having the same mass of 1.25 kg and rotate with the same angu lar speed of 235 rad/s,but they differin radiu

Neglect the inlet air velocity to the fan

A fan is located in a 0.5 m x 0.5 m duct. The average air velocity at the fan outlet is 10 m/s and the air density is 1.2 kg/m^3. Determine the mass flow rate of air and the e

Find natural frequency and resonant frequency

You have a spring-mass-damper-system, where when the 200g mass was hung on the spring-damper assembly, it deflected by 2 cm. Find natural frequency? Find resonant frequency

What is the retardation time

A plastic was stretched initially from 30 mm to 35 mm and then released at room temperature. The length changes with time were obtained as the following. Assume the Voigt mode

Piston-cylinder device contains

A piston-cylinder device contains 2.2kg of nitrogen initially at 100kPa and 25C. The nitrogen is now compressed slowly in a polytropic process during which PV^1.3 = constant u


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