Why horror genre generates pleasure for its target audience

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Assessment task

Brief description of  Assessment task - Genre creative assignment, submitted individually.

Learning Outcomes: 1: students demonstrate their knowledge of genric forms and conventions in their creative text 2: students communicate ideas about various aspects of media genre in using a creative mode/vehicle 5: students work individually to demonstrate personal motivation and the capacity for independent thought

Assignment Summary

For this assignment you are being asked to work within the horror genre. The creative piece you produce will demonstrate the literary, or audio-visual codes and conventions of the genre; its themes and issues; and how and why it generates pleasure for its target audience. You are being asked to imagine a new ‘narrative' for your chosen genre, drawing on its expectations while offering the ‘audience' surprises through transformation and renewal.

The options include:

12-15 shot storyboard;

1-2 minute film trailer or ‘sequence' from the film; 4x A4 promotional posters for single film idea; 12-15 photography essay;

4-5 pages of the introduction to a screenplay;

4-5 pages to the opening of a novel;

4-5 pages of the opening to a graphic novel;

Note: we cannot supply you with equipment for this exercise. You are not being marked on technical competence but on the way you have creatively applied your understanding of the genre to the artefact you have produced.

In the resources folder you will find support material such as storyboard exemplar; glossary of film terms and concepts; and script guidelines.

Reference no: EM132279827

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Assessment Criteria: Audience awareness and understanding of commercial issues; Understanding and application of genre terms and concepts gained from the unit readings and wider research; Originality and creativity in the design of the artefact; Effective communication; Technological/creative proficiency; Time management. GLO2: students must demonstrate competent communication skills in targeting particular audiences for particular purposes GLO4: students demonstrate critical thinking and analysis in a creative mode GLO6: students must work efficiently and effectively on their own to meet a specified deadline What early feedback will | Students will be encouraged to talk through their creative assignment student get, how and with their designated tutor.

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