Why have developed economy firms not taken this ibs approach

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Read Asia Sticks With Conglomerate Model and Leaders: Tata Sauce; Emerging-Market Giants-"https://my.snhu.edu/CookieAuth.dll?GetLogon?curl=Z2FAcademicsZ2FLibraryZ2FPagesZ2FEZ5APAuth.aspxZ3FurlZ3Dezp.2aHR0cDovL3NlYXJjaC5wcm9xdWVzdC5jb20vZ5AG9jdmlldy84OTQwMzgzMzY.YWNjb3VudGlkPTM3ODM-&reason=0&formdir=5" before responding to the discussion questions. Unrelated product diversification (conglomeration) is widely discredited in developed economies; however, in some cases it appears to add value in emerging economies. Is this interest in conglomeration likely to hold or decrease in emerging economies over time? Why have developed economy firms not taken this IBS approach?

Reference no: EM131218087

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