Why has private sector union membership declined steadily

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Discuss the following statement: "If the company gets a union, it deserves one!"

Why has private sector union membership declined steadily since its highest membership in the late 1950's?

Give some examples of how technology (Internet, social media, personal cellularphones/texting) is creating employee/employer rights and policy issues. Then suggest somepossible actions that may be needed.

Reference no: EM13845917

Discuss the new world updates made to each of kirkpatrick

Discuss the "New World" updates made to each of Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Evaluation. Do you think that that the adaptations made to the original model better meet today'

Leadership theorem

Choose two of the ILF presentations and debate their lessons for leadership. You should use theory in your answers discussing how the case exemplifies or differs from the th

Develop in order to be successful in your chosen area

Select one (1) of the following functional areas of Human Resources that you would consider pursuing as a career: Employment, Employee Relations, Training/Development, Compe

What were the key differences that you can identify

Describe a time where you felt engaged, included, or appreciated in the task being done. Also, describe a time where you did not feel engaged, included, or appreciated.What

How did you go about making the decision

How did you go about making the decision? Apply the steps of the decision-making process.Critique your decision approach. What were the strengths and weaknesses? Did you inv

How top management impacts ethics within an organization

Based on what you have read in the Griffin text, how would you define a manager? Can anyone be a manager? Why or why not? Explain how top management impacts ethics within an o

Create a human resources plan of the steps needed

Moving forward with the knowledge you have gained from this course, as well as any work experience, what issues do you think will become increasingly important to HRM? Expl

The strategic role of the human resources management

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