Why employees join labor unions

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"Unions and Collective Bargaining" Please respond to the following:

- *From the scenario and the eActivity, examine two (2) reasons why employees join labor unions. Examine two (2) reasons why organizations prefer that unions do not represent their employees. Suggest two (2) benefits that unions can provide for an employer. Justify your response.

- Examine two (2) legal responsibilities that employers have when dealing with labor unions. Suggest two (2) ways in which management and unions might work together to craft mutually beneficial contracts. Provide a rationale for

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The paper is about how Employee unions which are formed within any organization are helpful for the growth of the system. It brings to light the reasons why employee is willing to join the unions and what are the benefits that they gave from joining them. It also talks about why organizations do not prefer that unions should be created for them and two benefits that any employer finds from these unions. It also talks about the legal formalities that are involved while working with unions and how they can be used for the betterment of the organization so that both of them work in close coordination with each other. The paper has been prepared in Microsoft office.

Reference no: EM131181621

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