Why economist james believes that expectations are sluggish

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The inflation rate is 10 percent, and the central bank is considering slowing the rate of money growth to reduce inflation to 5 percent. Economist Milton believes that expectations of inflation change quickly in response to new policies, whereas economist James believes that expectations are very sluggish. Which economist is more likely to favor the proposed change in monetary policy? Why?

Reference no: EM13199585

What is the nash equilibrium of the game

Three students want to order pizza for dinner and they have decided to play the following contribution game in order to collect the money. Each student takes turns in order

Sketch the aggregate demand and aggregate supply functions

ECON 106 HOMEWORK. Sketch the aggregate demand and aggregate supply functions for both the Keynesian and Classical Schools. Explain the assumptions inherent in each of the

East asia economic circumstances

How would you describe East Asia's economic circumstances? Is growth a constant or is the region undergoing change? Which and explain why you say so? What are the implicatio

Evaluate whether each item has enhanced or diminished

The government uses policies like student loans and free trade to influence the economy's growth rate. In 600-1200 words, identify at least four policies from the textbook t

Project report on consumer awareness

Project Report on Consumer Awareness among Households regarding different type of products like consumable, Durable and capital goods, they are using. Do not confuse consume

Components of money supply

Suppose you decide to withdraw $100 in currency from your checking account. What is the effect on M1? Ignore any actions the bank might take as a result of the withdrawal.

How and why property rights could solve many of the problems

It has been argued that many of the problems with negative externalities - such as pollution, or the "tragedy of the commons" - could be better solved if there were clearly

How much is the per-unit tax on cigarettes

How much is the per-unit (pack) tax on cigarettes? What price do consumers pay after the tax? How much tax revenue is collected? What is the amount of deadweight loss after th


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