Why does interstate banking law allow of state acquistion

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Who loses and gains from the removal of restrictions on interstate banking? Why does interstate banking laws allow out of state acquistion of banks within the state rather than the opening of branches by out of state banks ? Who benefits from this?

Reference no: EM13296264

Which plan will produce the higher value

Compute P0 (price of the stock today) under Plan A. Note D1 will be equal to D0 X (1+g), or $2.00 (1.06). Ke will be equal to 10 percent and g will be equal to 6 percent.

What is the cost of common from retained earnings

Assume that you are a consultant to Broske Inc., and you have been provided with the following data: D1 = $0.67; P0 = $27.50; and g = 8.00% (constant). What is the cost of c

What must the average beta of the new stocks

After investing the additional funds, she wants the fund's required and expected return to be 13.00%. What must the average beta of the new stocks be to achieve the target r

What amount are you getting paid each year

You paid $1,000 for an investment today. The investment promises to pay you an equal cash flow every year for 25 years starting next year. If the interest rate is 4% p.a., w

What is the percentage of the founders family

Of the 1,200,000 total shares currently outstanding, the original founder's family owns 51,325 shares. What is the percentage of the founder's family votes to Class B votes?

What the effective annual return friendly earns

Friendly's Quick Loans, Inc., offers you $8.25 today but you must repay $14.50 when you get your paycheck in one week (or else). What's the effective annual return Friendly'

What kind of deal did the athelete snag

If the appropriate interest rate is 8 percent, what kind of deal did the athelete snag? Assume all payments other than the first $4.00 million are paid at the end of the yea

How large will your retirement account be in 31 years

You are to make monthly deposits of $800 into a retirement account that pays 9.8 percent interest compounded monthly. Required: If your first deposit will be made one month


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