Why do you think this price control exists

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Identify an instance where a price control is used in our markets. Why do you think this price control exists? Also discuss the possible negative effects it may have on the market

Reference no: EM13742882

Ompetitive market-consumer surplus and producer surplus

We have learned that under the perfect competitive market, consumer surplus and producer surplus are maximized. Therefore, market is the most efficient. Research and give an e

Expected revenue from auctioning item with reserve price

You hold an auction on eBay and expect two bidders to show up. You estimate that each bidder has a value of either $5 or $8 for the item, and you attach probabilities to each

Real economic variables and nominal economic variables

Most economists believe that real economic variables and nominal economic variables behave independently of each other in the long run. For example, an increase in the money s

What if the nation experiences a bop surplus with inflation

Assume that a nation faces a BOP deficit with high unemployment what exchange-rate adjustment can be made to resolve these problems? What if the nation experiences a BOP surpl

Evolution of international trade has been bit strained

The relationship between the less- developed- countries and the developed countries in the evolution of international trade has always been a bit strained. Discuss this relati

What will be the amount of that future repayment

Juno Manf. Company has decided to build an expansion of its manufacturing facility that will cost $63,022. It has arranged thru the small business association to borrow $36,28

How does a fiscal policy affect the AS-AD curve

How does a fiscal policy affect the AS-AD curve? Lets say for example have an equilibrium output of 1600 and full employment level of 1200 meaning i have an inflationary gap o

World restrict policies of individual governments

How important are Multinational firms (MNFs) in the world economy? What fraction of world output do they account for, and are they beneficial or harmful? Does the power of MNF


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