Why do you think these approaches would be helpful

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In your reading this week, you learned about several different theories and techniques used to help people struggling with psychological disorders. Complaints of depression and anxiety are very common among adults seeking help these days (Dunlop, Scheinberg, & Dunlop, 2013). Use the knowledge you have gained in this unit to consider ways that these therapies can be used to help people.


Dunlop, B. W., Scheinberg, K., & Dunlop, A. L. (2013). Ten ways to improve the treatment of depression and anxiety in adults. Mental Health In Family Medicine , 10(3), 175-181.

Explain which techniques you feel would be most helpful for those struggling with depression and anxiety disorders.

Why do you think these approaches would be helpful?

Are there any treatment approaches covered in your reading that you do not feel would be helpful or that you are against? Explain your reason.

Reference no: EM131380868

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