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Interference Inc. (www.interference.com) offers guerrilla marketing approaches that enables brands to communicate with target consumers through guerrilla intercept, street teams, stunt and publicity events, and other high-impact creative executions. The company's case studies include many promotions for the Discovery Channel, including a promotion for Discovery's Nefertiti special. The Nefertiti promotion, which included 27 actors in three major cities dressed in historically accurate twelfth-century BC Egyptian costume, was credited with helping the show exceed its national rating goal.

But a recent promotion by Sony Ericson caught the attention of marketing critics. In the promotion Sony Ericson used actor couples pretending to be tourists visiting popular locations to promote a new cell phone. The couples asked passerby to take their pictures with the new cell phone's camera. Sony Ericson also used actors posing as patrons to visit popular bars and strike up conversations that introduced the new phone to unsuspected other patrons.

- Why do you think that guerrilla marketing is so effective?

- What do you think of the Nefertiti guerrilla marketing tactics?

- Do you consider the Sony Ericson campaign to be ethical? Explain your opinion.

Reference no: EM13913879

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