Why do these blocks occur in organizations
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Discuss how the four major conceptual blocks apply in today''s firm settings. Specifically, discuss how these four major concepts can be applied to your personal experience in a present or past job or other life situation.

(Note: There are eight specific examples, so try to apply at least one example per conceptual block).

Important: Why do these blocks occur in organizations in the first place? Using our readings and your personal insights, what can managers do to promote creativity?


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In the present day world, business organisations have gone global and are facing tough competition from their competitors present throughout the world. To deal with the changing trends and to gain competitive advantages, business organisations are often found trying to implement a learning culture in the organisation where the employees can think freely and can come up with creative ideas to give birth to new inventions and problem solving techniques.

It is often said that the mind of a human being is a complex and a very powerful tool. When the mind of a human being is facing a problem, it tries to generate solutions to those problems. The solutions can be a factor of the past experience and learning or the solution can be a result of pure thinking and creativity.

The solutions born out of creativity are highly appreciated as they allow the companies to deal with the problems in new and better ways which were never thought off before.

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