Why do people still die from tuberculosis

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Write a term paper on the topic"WHY DO PEOPLE STILL DIE FROM TUBERCULOSIS".

Address the given point below:

Introduction:Tuberculosis, also called TB, is one of the most ancient diseases of mankind, with evidence dating back to over seventeen thousand years from now. With time there have been new developments in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease, but the fact that all over the world people are still suffering and dying of TB cannot be ignored. 

Cause and Symptoms

Today’s Scenario

Some facts about Tuberculosis (Courtesy: World Health Organization)

Reasons & Consequences

Treatment and Prevention


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Apart from this, there must be strong leadership worldwide to ensure that these advances, along with the experience in dealing with the deadliest epidemic known to man, result in TB control programs in which all nations can participate. Greater intensification of actions is required to control and ultimately eliminate the disease from the world. All countries should now devote their focus of actions in the four major directions, namely- constant scale up of early diagnosis and proper treatment procedure, development and enforcement of strong health system policies, establishment of connections with the broad development policy, and promotion and intensification of research measures. Thus, in the 21st century, Tuberculosis is not merely a disease but rather a progressive killer. But the situation can

Reference no: EM131173116

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