Why do economists include only final goods

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Why do economists include only final goods and services in measuring GDP for a particular year? Why don't they include the value of the stocks and bonds bought and sold? Why don't they include the value of the used furniture bought and sold?

Reference no: EM13793812

Explain why this change may have taken place

Suppose that the fixed cost of preparing a codex was 58 drachmas and that there was no similar fixed cost for a scroll. Would an ancient book publisher who intended to sell

Computing expected production

The effective capacity and efficiency for next quarter at MMU Mfg. in Waco, Texas, for each of three departments are given below. Compute the expected production for next qua

Draw the marginal cost curve

A firm owns and manages rental properties is considering buying a building that would cost $800,000 this year, but would yield an annual revenue stream of $80,000 per year f

Capitalism is an economic system

Examples of Barriers to entry are? Capitalism is an economic system, If people with high income pay a higher percentage of income in taxes,the income structure is

During the ethical cycle affect corporate culture

How do decisions made during the ethical cycle affect corporate culture? Your response should be at least 200 words in length. You are required to use at least your textbook a

Question on inferior good

The average 15-year old purchases 12 CDs and 15 cheese pizzas in the typical year. If cheese pizzas are inferior goods, would the average 15-year old be indifferent between r

Is the lm relationship required for its determination

Given a closed economy without a government sector, modify the IS-LM model by the assumption that saving and investment are identical (i.e. equal under all circumstances and

Two players start at forty paces apar

Two players start at forty paces apart. Each has a gun loaded with one bullet. For simplicity we will assume that at each distance the player at the left has the option of sho


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