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Ethical Issues and Operations

Ethical behavior is a corporate issue that affects the company's bottom line. How do ethical issues impact organizations and operations?

Include an example seen in the workplace, in the news, etc. that relates to real-life situations. Your initial post should be at least 200-250 words.

Business Processes

Why are the following business processes important? Which process do you feel is most important? Explain your reasoning.

Strategy development

Product development

Systems to produce goods and services

Order fulfillment

Your initial post should include real life situations and be at least 200-250 words.

Reference no: EM131443532

Discuss the social-ethical and political issues

Discuss the social, ethical, and political issues that an information system raises in an organization. How can an organization ensure that these issues are not abused? Please

Two examples of management functions

Who is a manager and how do managers make decisions for the future based on today’s information? For this discussion activity, you will complete a scavenger hunt by seeking ou

Did microsoft invent the disk operating system

Who originally owned the rights to the computer Steve Wozniak made, and why did they not take advantage of it? Did Microsoft invent the Disk Operating System? Briefly explain

Sing exponential smoothing with alphaa

The Carbondale Hospital is considering the purchase of a new ambulance. The decision will rest partly on the anticipated mileage to be driven next year. If a 2-year moving ave

An analyst has timed a metal-cutting operation

An analyst has timed a metal-cutting operation for 50 cycles. The average time per cycle was 10.5 minutes, and the standard deviation was 1.20 minutes for a worker with a perf

Defined as percentage change in demand

Elasticity can be defined as percentage change in demand for a 1% change in decision attribute. For linear aggregate demand, what is the mathematical representation/formula fo

Lead to successful erp implementations

Selection and implementation of ERP systems is time consuming and very expensive. There are a number of published cases of failed ERP systems. One such case is the failure of

Effective performers who have potential for advancement

It is performance appraisal time and you must plan interviews with you subordinates. Your subordinates fall into one of three categories: (1) effective performers who have pot


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