Why are sources so controversial and difficult

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For our discussion this week, please conduct a series of searches by going to an online tool such as Google and searching the library resources provided at Grantham University.

In your primary thread, please provide (1) an example of a peer-reviewed source, (2) a high-quality scholarly source that is not peer reviewed and (3) an example of a source that you should *never* use in an academic project.

So, for instance, you could share an article you found in the library, a website written by a professor or museum, and a website such as TheOnion, which would never be used in an academic project.

Finally, answer this question: Why are sources so controversial and difficult? Why is it important that our sources be selected with so much care? Does this play into our discussion last week about variables?

As you respond to each other's threads, be sure to engage about this final question. Why ARE sources so difficult? Why must they be selected with so much care?

Roughly 150 words

Reference no: EM131096074

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