Why amazon''s kindle cannot be made in the united states

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Why Amazon's Kindle Cannot be Made in the United States

As a result of the benefit of the need for design engineers and those involved in distribution to interact with manufacturing, the outsourcing of manufacturing to Asia has also produced those in Asia who can provide engineering and other skills as well. As a result, the US has lost not only low skill manufacturing to Asia but higher skilled work as well.

Write a 2 page paper.

In your paper address the following:

· The differences between the production of PCs and the production of Amazon Kindle?

· From an institution-based view, what should the U.S. government do to foster U.S. competitiveness?
Include a title page and 3-5 references. Only one reference may be from the internet (note Wikipedia). The other references must be from the Grantham University Online Library. Please adhere to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), (6th ed. 2nd printing) when writing and submitting assignments and papers.

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Reference no: EM13740713

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