Who was the longest serving french president

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World history covers historical facts and events from almost all corners of the world from politics, war, culture, lifestyle and education.My question is, who was the longest serving French president?

Reference no: EM131107992

Identify one type of proposed water conservation

Identify one type of proposed water conservation and one type of proposed land conservation in the Southwest. Then explain why both types of conservationare needed to keep

Explain blacklisting and cuban missile crisis

Pick one of the following events from the list and discuss in detail the event- Blacklisting, Cuban Missile Crisis, Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, Watergate, War on Poverty, Cold

What went wrong at roanoke and jamestown

Discuss why the early English attempts at colonization were such disasters. What went wrong at Roanoke and Jamestown? How responsible were the colonists for the failure?

List five significant historical events or leaders from era

List five significant historical events/leaders from this era and choose two to compare and contrast. What would you say is the most important result of each of your chosen ev

How lewis armistead and winfield hancock relationship define

How does the Lewis Armistead and Winfield Hancock relationship define the Civil War? The author, Michael Shaara, writes that in the Confederacy camp there is nothing more impo

What was the tet offensive and when did it occur

What was the Tet Offensive and when did it occur? How did it change American goals for the Vietnam war? How did the Gulf of Tonkin incident change LBJ's approach to Vietnam?

Identify significant writings

Defend which reform movement you feel was most successful in this antebellum America, identify significant writings, leaders, methods, and obstacles faced when working toward

Why did european communism collapse

Why did European Communism collapse? Why were many Palestinians angered by the creation of Israel in 1948? What important events and symbolism in Berlin helped define the


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