Who was the biggest hypocrite of them all

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Analyze the theme of hypocrisy in Mrs. Warren's Profession. Give clear definition of hypocrisy. Make it your own, so that it relates to the play. You must base your analysis on theh definition you present i.e.**You cannot say hypocrisy is lying or saying she was being a bad mother unless you state it in your definition.

Analyze the hypocrises of each character:

1. Mrs. Warren

2. Vivie

3. Reverend Samuel

o ANALYZE all THREE of these people and how they relate to your definition of hypocrisy, give reasons with examples from text.

Who was the biggest hypocrite of them all? Why?

o So basically this is a 4 part Question

Definition of hypocrisy

Analyze hypocrisies of the three characters
State why they each relate to your definition of hypocrisy
Biggest hypocrite

Answer all questions, giving examples of each. (With Textual documentation if possible).

Reference no: EM131261861

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