Who was the authority in the conversation

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Make a list of moments, from school or personal experiences, in which you found yourself in an unfamiliar or difficult language situation. Choose one of the moments and describe it to the best of your memory. Include what you remember about the places, participants, emotions and events. What was revealed to you during this moment about language and how it is used? What did you learn about language? Who was the authority in the conversation? Etc.

Reference no: EM13844496

Briefly discuss the pros and cons of the five you chose

Your textbook names several types of criminal justice technology that are currently on the drawing board. Name five of them and provide a short definition. Briefly discuss

Describe specific models-strategies and recommendations

Describe the specific models, strategies, and recommendations for educators to work effectively with students with diverse social differences (i.e. economic, ethnic, cultural,

How do you think culture relates to professional boundaries

How do you think culture relates to professional boundaries? Which professional boundaries do you think will be easy to maintain? Which ones do you think you might have more

Compute attitudes for both consumers

• Compute attitudes for both consumers.• Which consumer likes the product more and why?• For the knowledgeable consumer, which attribute(s) need improvement?

Explaining the basic facts of united states v jones

Write an essay explaining the basic facts of United States v. Jones, the decision reached by the court, and why. If you were on the Supreme Court, how would you have ruled?

Explain why you think gustave eiffels design

Explain why you think Gustave Eiffel’s design was the one chosen from over 700 submissions to a design competitio. Describe what words or phrases the poets use to get the read

Decision making models related to ethical supervision

You are a faculty member at a college. The dean assigned the head of your department to examine a specific issue. You attended several meetings of various faculty members to

What is justice in the person

What is justice in the person? In your response explain the Opposites Principle and how Socrates uses it to distinguish the three parts of the Soul. Describe the elements of t


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