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How does Descartes' cogito evidence that he is an epistemologic rationalist? Please answer by responding to the following subquestions:

1. Who was Descartes? When did he live?

2. What does it mean that he was an epistemic rationalist?

3. What was the process by which he arrived at his conclusion "cogito ergo sum"?

4. How is this statement reflective of his epistemic method of doubt?

5. In what fashion did the cogito constitute Descartes' epistemic turning point?

6. How did Descartes avoid solipsism? (What is solipsism? And how did he avoid becoming a solipsist?)

7. What was the role of God in Descartes reconstructing his epistemology?

8. How is this related to Descartes' problem of the external world?

Reference no: EM13518950

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