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The case study/research paper will be worth 70 points. Papers must be typed in double spaced and 12 inch font. APA style is mandatory.  You can submit your paper to me anytime before the deadline. However, if it is not submitted by the deadline date you will lose 10 points. No exceptions! Papers must include a cover page, one paragraph abstract and reference page. YOU CANNOT USE THE TEXTBOOK AS A REFERENCE. You cannot use WIKIPEDIA as a source. Here is what I am looking for when you search and do your paper.  For starters, it will be wise if you visit a local library that has access to West-Law services. Choose one of the following 1. You can search the US Supreme Court case by the name. For those of you who want to go into Law School or pursue a Master's degree in CJ this will give you some insight for looking up a case and understanding the background of the case. I like your opinion in the end because I feel it is important that you either are with the majority of the court or with the portion that had dissenting reviews. Again, APA style is mandatory.  Case Study papers will consist of Leading Constitutional Cases on Criminal Justice. YOU MAY PICK YOUR OWN OR PICK ONE OF THE FOLLOWING CASES:

US vs. Chadwick

Duncan vs Lousisiana

Maryland vs. Buie

Stack v. Boyle

Winston vs. Lee

Mapp vs. Ohio

Reference no: EM13836380

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