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Question: Assigned Region: Oceania

the investigation of your region you should choose at least 5 of the major topics/issues from below:

1. Population issues, i.e. dependency ratio, sex ratio

2. Immigrants and/or ethnic groups

3. Government

• Political insurrection, breakaway government, change of government, coup d'etat, Statelessness

4. Environmental and/or ecological issues and relationship to folk/pop culture

5. Agricultural policies

6. Economic issues/trade/development

• Foreign Investment, global division of labor, commodity change, Rostow, Wallerstein, various "indicators" of development

The Essay should present the various topics/issues in substantial detail:

1. what each topic/problem/issue is

2. how it has manifested itself in your region

3. What are the core & periphery states/areas of your region

4. who the integral people are (political leaders; corporations)

5. the government agencies, NGOs, and/or regional organizations that have responded to the issues, etc.

6. Handouts, props, etc. are encouraged. Food is always an option, though will not earn you a higher grade.

7. In your presentation you should utilize at least 3 maps that illustrate and support your topic or findings.

a. The maps must be thoroughly explained as part of your presentation.

8. In addition, a short discussion of the general physical geography of your country should be done so that the class has a brief idea of what the climate, landscape, and people are like there.

Your research will conclude with a final product of a research paper at least 1400 words in length which summarizes your findings. Think of this as a briefing report that you are handing to the President who needs to be informed of all aspects of this region before travelling there for an official state visit.

Reference no: EM132013752

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