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Question: For this assignment, read the article attached that discusses the differences between the generations within the workplace and how to develop interpersonal skills for better employee involvement and interaction with fellow employees. Also, this article identifies how the values are placed upon each generation (Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers) and leads into how to better manage and involve the multiple generations within the workforce.

Complete the article review by showing your understanding of the article's contents by addressing the questions and directives below. Your paper should be a minimum of two pages, not including the title and reference pages. The following are questions and directives to be used in completing the review:

What is the author's main point?

Who is the author's intended audience?

Identify and address the differences in the interpersonal skills from the generational differences and how they might be overcome.

Be sure to apply the proper APA format for the content and reference provided.

Reference no: EM132235129

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