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George Washington Croom died testate. In his will Croom left various bequests of real and personal property to his children and a grandchild. In Item Eight of his will Croom stated ‘‘I leave nothing whatsoever to my daughter Kathryn Elizabeth Turner, and my son Ernest Edward Croom.''

At his death, Croom also left three optional share certificates in Carolina Savings and Loan Association issued to George W. Croom or Kimberly Joyce Croom, the deceased's minor daughter. Each of these certificates had attached to it an ‘‘Agreement Concerning Stock in Carolina Savings and Loan Association,'' which purported to create a joint account with a right of survivorship.

Two of these agreements were signed by George Croom only and the third agreement was not signed at all. None of these certificates were specifically devised by Croom's will and the will contained no residuary clause. Who is entitled to share in these assets?

Reference no: EM131391096

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