Who is correctly saving their files to a cd

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Ned and Mary Ann are saving their files to a CD. When prompted, Ned will click on Burn file to disc, indicate the recording speed, and click Burn to disc. When prompted, Mary Ann will click on Burn files to disc, indicate how she'll use the files, click on Burn to disc, and indicate the recording speed. Who is correctly saving their files to a CD?

Reference no: EM131264411

Design a plan for email content which was leaked

Suppose that you feel that your (or your boss's) email content was always leaked (e.g., some confidential information in your email was known to many others). Design a pl

How can nanotechnology and nanocomputing benefit us

What is nanotechnology? What are nano computers? How can nanotechnology and nanocomputing benefit us? How might it harm us? What kinds of ethic challenges do research in nan

Significantly benefit your organization

Q1. Locate a specific mobile app that currently exists which would significantly benefit your organization (or you personally) and explain why. Include a link to that app.

Knowledgeable and proactive about threats

1. If you could, what would you do to help create a national "security culture" in which everyone is more knowledgeable and proactive about threats to information security?

It solution to utilize as a strategic weapon

Why is it so imperative for an organization, regardless of size, to explain a Business Model, and then look for which IT solution to utilize as a strategic weapon?

Legal issues in information security and incident response

The news media often publicizes cyber crime activities. Discuss one of the cyber crimes you have heard about, explaining the crime along with how it was discovered and inves

Problem regarding the image processing

Derive piecewise transformation equations s = f(r) for the following piecewise linear transformation between input gray r and output gray s, where r is intensity of input im

Are there any library methods that could help with this

Try to implement one of these approaches. If you try the first, how easy is it to shuffle the list so that it is genuinely in a new random order? Are there any library metho


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