Who has been impacted by this law and how

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The purpose of this final paper is to have each student relate the healthcare policymaking process to a specific healthcare policy process and to identify key ethical considerations this specific policymaking process raises.

Completion of this assignment primarily addresses the original course objective on comprehension:

Explain how the components of health policy making evolved for a developing or existing healthcare policy.

Explain how he/she would react to healthcare management challenges based on his/her personal ethics.

Note: Prior to developing your paper and the related online presentation you should have communicated with the instructor for approval and guidance. A separate rubric is available for this assignment.

Length and format: 10-12 page paper including the title and reference pages in APA format


Your paper should include a brief introduction, answers to the specific questions below and a conclusive paragraph or two. DO NOT REPEAT THE QUESTIONS IN THE BODY OF YOUR PAPER. This should read in essay form. I expect the paper to be well organized, to follow APA requirements and to have appropriate references cited at the end. Be sure to address the following:

• Summarize the law and define the scope of your research

• Who has been impacted by this law? How?

• What was the context in which this law was passed and subsequently modified?

• How did it actually get formulated? Who set the agenda and actually contributed to how it was worded?

• Who influenced this policy's passage? Who was not happy with it?

Reference no: EM13849536

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