Who determines the length of stay

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Select a major HMO that owns and operates its own outpatient clinics (staff model) and complete the following:

How does a patient get admitted to a hospital from the HMO?

Which departments are involved with any aspects of the decision to admit a patient to a community hospital?

Who determines the length of stay?

Who, by annual percent, are the major insurers of admitted patients?

What role will costs play in determining the optimum performance of this major HMO in the future?

Which healthcare delivery model is likely to prevail in the future, keeping in mind the costs and patient accountability for this major HMO?

Which professional associations should be invited to participate in a fact-finding task force to provide suggestions for the optimum performance of this major HMO in the future? Why?

How can the major HMO%u2019s management be used to support changes within the industry?

Submit your brief as a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document.

Reference no: EM13262946

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