Who benefits from technological progress in farming farmers

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Q. barbers who have turned farmers will drive down wage rate but will still be earning more than if y had remained barbers. In equilibrium wages in two occupations will be equal IF all or characteristics of jobs are equally desirable (a BIG assumption). G. Who benefits from technological progress in farming Farmers or barbers?



Reference no: EM1369503

Find mathematically and graphically equilibrium price

Find mathematically and graphically the Equilibrium price and Quantity? If the price is 10 Riyal, what kind of surplus we will have and how much is it? If the equilibrium pric

Calculate the effect on the equilibrium interest rate

Indicate whether each of the following statements is possibly true or certainly false. The cost minimizing bundle for y = 50 is l=10 and k=40 if labor and capital cost the sam

Illustrates the first experimental principle

Explain what happens to observed prices in posted offer and double auction markets as the number of sellers drop. Explain what happens in these two markets as the number of se

Fed is implementing contractionary monetary policy

Consider the scenario in which the Fed is implementing a contractionary monetary policy aimed at alleviating inflationary pressures. In this regard please provide an answer to

Why to want to work in the fruit industry

Assume you are currently working in a government job that pays$20,000/year and you have $40,000 in an account earning 10% interest. You have the opportunity to buy a fruit o

Suppose both product and factor markets are competitive

Suppose both product and factor markets are competitive, why is the labour demand curve downward sloping? How does technological progress shift the labour demand curve? Profes

How run on gasoline occurs when consumers fears

A "run on gasoline" occurs when consumers' fears of gas shortages in the future lead them to demand more gasoline now. Using supply and demand analysis, which of the followi

Subsequent withdrawals decreasing at the rate

How much do you have to deposit today in order to allow 9 annual withdrawals, beginning at the end of year 17, with a first withdrawal of $1748 and with subsequent withdrawals


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