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Aluminum production is an inherently energy intensive process and is driven by consumer demand. However, many consumers discard aluminum cans rather than recycling them. Recycling aluminum cans for reuse consumers much less energy than mining alumina(Aluminium oxide), transporting it via ships or trucks, and then processing it to make aluminum. Who bears primary responsibility for reducing green house gas emissions from the production of aluminium ? Alcoa? Consumers? Governments ? Explain?

Reference no: EM132234114

Even more with rapid advances in technology

Our society is very dynamic, even more with rapid advances in technology. Explain how the changes in society and the development of computer technology threaten us all with a

Videophone technology in improving the further caregiving

The real question is how we solves this problem in modern society which is the actual cause of this isolation in individuals? What is the Latest prototypes care is needed to c

What would be the weight used for equity in the computation

OMG Inc. has 5 million shares of common stock outstanding, 4 million shares of preferred stock outstanding, and 6,000 bonds. Suppose the common shares are selling for $15 per

Human resource changes to secure someone with unique skills

The organization changes over time. That is a fact. However, even though firms have good intentions keeping the employees changing with the organization is difficult if not im

Material from an outside source or personal experience

“A student whose main activity on campus is running a business is missing the basic reason for being here, which is to get an education.” Do you agree? Support your post with

Determine best crop to plant-maximax-hurwicz

A farmer in Georgia must decide which crop to plant next year on his land: corn, peanuts, or soybeans. The return from each crop will be determined by whether a new trade bill

What is a project network and why is it important

Explain why leadership is important and explain how this can be achieved, based on this chapter. Explain why leadership is important and explain how this can be achieved, base

Mail-order business for kitchen equipment

This is a mail-order business for kitchen equipment. Annual demand for its best seller item is 25,000 units. This best seller item is sold at $350/unit, including shipping and


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