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Team formation:

1. You may work in groups of up to 3 people

2. You may form your own teams

The objectives of this exercise are:

1. Obtain experience in applying process improvement and process mapping techniques

2. Introduce students to real-world problems

3. Develop effective team skills


1. Select a process for analysis and improvement. This can be one that you are familiar with or one that you are interested in learning more about. Be sure to include why this process is interesting or important to your group and other "customers".

2. Develop the appropriate "as-is" flowchart (this should include a flowchart that has a minimum of 15 tasks). Describe how your group developed the chart.

3. Who are the key stakeholders in your process? What are some key issues to address in order to get the employees/participants buy-in for improving the process? Who are the customers of this process?

4. Identify one area for process improvement for your problem. What data could you collect to improve the process? Identify 3 performance metrics that are pertinent/meaningful.

5. Collect the pertinent data for one of the performance metrics outlined in #4. Use the data analysis/quality tools presented in class to identify and justify your proposed changes.

6. Based upon our discussions in class for process improvement, identify and document (including a flowchart(s)) your recommended improved process. This is very open-ended on purpose - the point is for the group to figure out what applies in your situation and document those items.

7. What is the bottom line of your analysis? Include your recommendations for next steps.

8. Your recommendation/analysis should be in the form of a written report.

Reference no: EM132183942

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